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Questrooms escape room family:

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Escape room is a novel and extremely popular entertainment branch throughout the world: you will find it in a top list of activities in London, Berlin, Moscow and other cities *

*According to TripAdvisor – the most popular web resource for travelers in the world

What is an escape room game?

  • Escape rooms is an intellectual game for team of 2-6 people. Your group is locked in a special game room/environment with a specific theme, such as prison, maniac hut or post office. The goal of the team is to get out in an hour.
  • Room is filled with a variety of puzzles, some of which are based on automated electronic mechanisms.
  • Quality of the escape room is, primarily, influenced by factors such as a scenario, room design and technological effectiveness of puzzles.

Who plays this game?

Participation in the escape game does not require any special knowledge or physical skills, which means that your target group can include kids, teenagers, adults, families, friends or colleagues.
  • 12% teens
  • 33% families
  • 10% couples
  • 45% friends and colleagues
*According to the data collected in Saint Petersburg during the period of 2014-2016

Why would you join Questrooms?

Our escape rooms

In all new cities we offer our partners to start escape rooms that have already been tested either in Stockholm or Saint-Petersburg (Russian CEO of Questrooms). Using verified scenarios eliminates the risk of low interest to unknown scenarios and helps to accelerates starting time of escape room in a your city.
Prison Break

According to statistics it is the most popular scenario among Questrooms network costumers from other cities. This room is perfect to start a business with. In terms of implementation, this escape room is the least difficult, so many partners manage to start running it only a month after signing the contract. Players positively surprised by impressiveness of the process: in the beginning of the game they find themselves behind bars in a prison cell, chained by real handcuffs. Sound effects of the room simulates prison environment (dropping from the old pipes, barking dogs, etc.) and background dialogs with other prisoners.

  • The most popular scenario in Russia
  • The best escape room for start
  • You can start in 1 month
Ghost's Photolab

Escape room in mystique genre. It is a non-linear game, and therefore works perfect for larger teams: each player will be occupied with a puzzle. An excellent choice for teams just starting their acquaintance with escape rooms. It is very popular among families with teenagers as well. At the beginning of the game, participants watch a video-message of the former owner of the photolab. From the story they find out about the ghost of a little boy who disappeared in this studio many years ago. During the game players will develop a real photo, redirect a laser beam, hack a cash machine and even appear on a photo together with a ghost. Sound effects are put together to create a mystical atmosphere and a nerve-tickling vibe throughout the game.

  • Easy-to-implement
  • Popular genre
  • You can start in 1,5 month
KGB Escape

Atypical escape room: players should use physical force to escape (in other escape rooms it's forbidden). It is not a scary room, but the atmosphere is rather stressful: gloomy coridors, concrete and prison bars, rare objects of the Soviet era, construction tools and players as spies. The team should take construction tools and break barriers on the way to freedom. It is a non-linear game which is perfect for both average and skilled teams: players will be able to discover a classical escape room in a new perspective.

  • Always loved spies-story
  • Mechanical actions
  • You can start in 1,5 month
Horror Escape

The escape room is a full story by itself. Players start the game in separate traps. After getting out of them, they realize that they are in the premises of the restaurant where “steaks a la chef” are prepared from yesterday's clients. The most technologically equipped escape room and therefore the most expensive one to implement. It is recommended to be implemented in cities with developed escape room market.

  • Most technologically advanced
  • Very popular genre
  • Minimum construction period - 2,5 months
Russina Mafia Escape

This escape room is based on nostalgia to 90ies in Russia. Therefore it is especially popular among friend gangs at the age of 35-45 years. Genre – adventure. The time machine embedded into an elevator transfers players to 1997 in Russia. They appear in a teenage bedroom filled with lots of lovely toys, posters and other specific attributes of that era. However, in the second part of the game they will plunge into much gloomier atmosphere of the criminal authority room (the teenager’s father). With a chair for torture, bats, knuckles and cut hand.

  • Interesting story
  • Easy to find game props
  • Construction time – 1,5 month
Great Robbery

This escape room adventure is for the whole family. Before the start, your accomplice (who also happen to be one of the employees at the auction house), performed by one of your game masters, provides players a small suitcase with special tools to steal the main lot at the upcoming auction – a diamond worth 10 million dollars. Players will have to explode the entrance door, disable an alarm and video surveillance system, find a secret store, steal the diamond leave the place through a maze of laser beams without touching them.

  • Technologically advanced room
  • Action-hero type of scenario
  • Construction period – from 2 months

Our franchise services

We are taking care of the most difficult part of building an escape room including script writing, preparation of necessary documentation (blueprints) and development of electronic equipment.
Scenario and sound effects of the room
- We will help you to choose the most convenient and effective room
- We will respect your wishes and ideas while preparing a package of construction documents for your location
- Our architect will develop documentation set for construction workers according to your location (specific plan of demolitions and building barriers, low current wiring scheme, equipment layout, video surveillance plan, sound system placement)
- We will send you a design book with detailed descriptions of all escape room space
- We will develop a plan for your reception or event areas upon request
- In case you have any questions, our specialists will provide you on-line support and consultations
Electronic equipment
- We will send all necessary specialized equipment to your city
- Our technician will remotely control equipment implementation and install necessary control software on PC
- If you have any questions, our engineers will provide you with timely support and online consultation
Game props
- You have an opportunity to receive all the game requisites from us or collect it yourself using our specifications
- If necessary, you can always order additional items of scenery and required spare parts
- Your branch will be featured at, and your employees will have access to the Administrative Panel of the site to manage your bookings online
- You will be able to post information about promotions, offers and additional products (gift certificates, entertainer services and photographers, celebrations, etc.) on our website
- You will have an access to important business tools. CRM system will allow you to improve internal business processes: analyze booking statistics, evaluate and select the most effective marketing tools, receipts control, etc.
- Questrooms website will be operating 24/7 without any interruptions
- We help you to develop a marketing strategy and particular activities
- You will get the "Bible of marketing” on-net, which contains several years of experience from all branches of
- You will get a brand book, which not only includes basic elements of corporate style, but also a number of layouts ready for printing
- You will regularly receive a digest of the most effective measures already implemented in Stockholm
- Our marketing specialist is maintaining a regular contact with our partners via skype
- We will provide especially prepared manual covering “customer communication” for your potential employees
- If you have any questions, our HR specialist will share all required experiences and provide on-line support
Training and support
- We will organize a two-day internship in Stockholm for you or your manager (optional)
- For any questions you can always contact our partner Manager

Project implementation phases

Discussion of the project details
Preparation of construction documentation
Construction process
Electronic equipment installation
Testing troubleshooting
Contract signing
Electronic equipment development
Shipping the electronic equipment package
Development of marketing strategy
Receiving of the electronic equipment package
Launching of marketing campaign
Media about us
Transcribing of the air on "Radio Sweden" (Stockholm)
Interview of a partner on portal (Minsk)
Report of Bachelors Show, video-blog radio "Max FM" (Sochi)
Report of TV channel "Mir" (Saint Petersburg)
Report of TV channel "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (Saint Petersburg)
Report on the portal "Privet Sochi" (Sochi)
Article in the newspaper "Delovoi Peterburg" (Saint Petersburg)
Our contacts
You can ask us any questions about the franchise:
phone 8-921-762-65-23
Kirill Zolotuhin
Development manager
You can see our escape rooms personally after booking a game in any of the cities of our presence. Also we will be glad to organize a demo tour for you in Stockholm or Saint Petersburg headquaters.